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Turn-By-Turn Route Navigation

Map your route correctly with turn-by-turn driving assistance, to ensure you’ll never get lost on your way to your destination. Get satellite images, maps,& shortest routes to your destination.

Find The Shortest Route

Pick a route with the least traffic and enjoy a hassle free commute. Get live traffic updates and plan your journey before you start. An excellent way to avoid traffic congestion.

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Aerial & Satellite Views

In addition to local traffic conditions, get actual street view() and satellite images to get a clearer picture of your commute. You can also switch to actual images if you're not comfortable with digitally rendered maps. On unknown roads, stay informed about upcoming rest stops, gas stations, restaurants, convenience and medical stores.

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Live Traffic Updates

Hate being stuck in traffic? Get live traffic updates for your travel route and share traffic conditions with friends and family commuting on the same route. Maps Now shows you all available routes with least to no traffic, from which you can pick the one that suits you best.

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FREE Weather Information

Along with convenient access to maps and directions, this app also gives you free access to trusted weather information. Get quick updates on the daily weather, 6 day forecast, humidity, windspeed and pressure information from weather web links on your New Tab.

Getting access to accurate traffic updates is so important before you leave home every day, especially when on your daily commute to work. Avoid being late to work, or getting stuck in heavily congested routes. If the route you are going to be on is a new one, get turn by turn instructions so that you don’t have to worry about getting lost. Travel easy, travel smart with Maps Now

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